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Our Mission

We strive to provide credible real estate experience that helps people make better and smarter decisions about where they choose to invest.


To empower real estate industry through innovation, transparency and technology to communicate and trade better.

Core Values


We care about how the results are achieved and will demonstrate honest, transparent and ethical behavior in all our activities. Choosing the course of highest integrity is our intent and we will establish and maintain the highest professional and personal standards.


Success requires us to continually strive to produce breakthrough ideas that result in improved solutions and services. We encourage challenges to the status quo and seek organizational environments in which ideas are generated, nurtured and developed. PropertyDive appreciates employees for well thought out risks taken in all realms of business, and for the results achieved due to them, acknowledging the fact that not all risks will result in success.

Customer Orientation

Customer focus is deeply embedded into our mindset, driving us to deliver on time, on cost and on quality. We partner with our customers to satisfy their needs and deliver benefits through valuable and sustainable solutions. We understand that each of us has an impact on customer relations through the work we do, which is why we always act with integrity and to the highest professional standards.


We understand that there is power in individuals, but believe there is a much greater power in collaboration and teamwork. We seek to create engaging and inclusive workplaces, where everyone has the freedom to speak up and listen to each other with an open mind.


We believe that Ownership is taking the initiative to bring about positive results. It means not waiting for others to act, and caring about the outcome as much as an owner of the company would. It is being accountable for the results of your actions - that are the of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner.

Life at PropertyDive

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The dream team

Ever wondered where all the cool people went? We are not even sorry to break it to you but we have them recruited already and are looking for the ones remaining. The young enthusiasts are here for a change. These are visionary people who will change the world one day because rather than thinking outside the box, they burned and buried the box. Extra much? That’s what makes them so great! We have the perfect combination of start-up energy and skill. We’re the Unstoppables! Too dramatic? WE ARE THAT TOO!

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Everything Phenomenal

Wouldn't life be easier if you got to have a complete view of your future house while sitting and relaxing on your couch or schedule a prop-tour at your convenience? Well, life is giving you a chance to hop onto a digital platform that values your time and lets you choose your property your way. Don't believe us? Check out for yourself.

What Belongs to you

PropertyDive is an emerging prop-tech marketplace empowering people to make smart decisions about where they choose to invest. We, through our partners, serve our customers. We are a team of smart individuals with ultimate balance of a real estate experience supported by a high-tech platform growing fast to disrupt the real-estate industry.

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